At M4 Communications, we think different about Marketing and Customer Experience.

We provide our high-tech clients with end-to-end Digital Marketing and Customer Experience consulting solutions.

With our vast experience working with Silicon Valley tech firms and technology organizations across the globe, we know the pressure is on to show a quick profit and favorable customer lifetime value. And, return on investment must be clear at each stage of the customer’s journey. Organizations must be customer-centric to be able to drive growth.

Those organizations that make the customer central to their operations, win.

We customize programs unique to your business and market or update your current processes to help you be successful so you can pass on that success to your customers.




Marketing Consulting Solutions


Strategic Marketing and Product Planning

We partner with you to develop a complete marketing strategy that’s right for you. And, we’ll help you conduct competitive analysis and market research to help you position your business in the right niche.

As a result, you’ll be able to align your marketing activities to your business goals so you are generating the right outcomes that help set you up for success.

We also help you determine your specific target market, interview buyers and create buyer personas, ascertain buyer pains and needs, and based on this information, create buyer journey scenarios. We can also help you create a Win/Loss Analysis program that will enable you to identify further insights into your buyer demographic.

And, we collaborate with you on your product planning and product marketing initiatives, including concept design, business case development, product definition, development, messaging and positioning, launch, beta program development, demo creation, testimonials, customer references, product reviews, sales training, and product support.

To ensure success, you need to understand the key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive success for your business. We help you determine your KPIs, create a metrics and analytics plan to monitor performance and even partner with you to fine-tune your marketing engine to help you perform at an optimal level.

We also help you document your processes through creating playbooks, manuals and other materials to enable your employees to be successful.


Content Strategy Development

For buyers to trust you, you need to give them the tools to make intelligent decisions. They want to see a website and associated content that resonates with them and is going to help them be successful and achieve their desired outcomes.

We help you conduct an audit of your current content, create a content marketing and overall content strategy, map appropriate content to specific phases of the buyer journey, create the right content, and distribute your content through your digital and physical channels to improve your reach, engagement, and conversion.

The result? Quicker conversions, increased growth and improved customer lifetime value.


Customer Experience Consulting Solutions


Customer Journey Mapping

A customer journey map is vital to visualize the existing customer experience and pinpoint gaps in processes to improve the overall customer experience. It gives you a single view of what your customer is experiencing. And, it encourages your entire organization to rally around creating the best customer experience to provide your customers.

We work with your team to take insights your team has identified and feedback your customers have provided at various customer touch points and interviews to turn them into action. We combine touch point feedback data, customer interviews, personas, journey stages and moments of truth to define and create a customer journey map framework for you. Then we help you create and map content and other tools to specific touch points of the journey. The end result is an experience that meets and exceeds your customers’ expectations.


Retention, Loyalty and Advocacy Program Development

Acquring customers is only a small part of the customer journey. Post-Purchase is where growth occurs.

Nurturing your customers is a continuous process because you want to ensure they have a stellar experience each and every time they interact with you so they will become your lifetime brand advocates. Yet, there are nurturing phases your customers must go through to be able to become lifetime advocates. Thus, you must retain your customers before you can drive loyalty and then advocacy.

We help you develop stronger retention, loyalty and advocacy programs by creating more valuable customer connections and engagements, and diving deeper into analytics to assist you in improving your overall customer experience. We also work with you to create proactive customer service and customer success programs to help you and your customers be successful.


Voice of Customer 

In the 2013 Best Practices of the Best Marketers Research Report, Chief Marketing Officers who performed in the top quartile used Voice of Customer programs 68% more often than their lower-performing peers.

Organizations that want to be customer-centric must have some type of voice of the customer closed feedback loop program to be able to improve their customer experience and grow.

We help you determine, from your customer journey map framework, the what’s, when’s, and how’s of collecting feedback from customers, sharing it with your organization, identifying actionable insights, implementing those insights back into your processes to enhance the overall customer experience, and following up with customers to update them on corrective actions taken.