10 Predictions on the Changing Role of the CMO

Recently, I read CMSwire.com’s post about IDC’s 2014 predictions for CMO’s with very keen interest. As the digital economy evolves so does the role of the CMO. 10 predictions for the changing role of the CMO were cited. A few of the predictions particularly stood out for me.

“By 2020, the marketing function in leading companies will be radically reshaped into three organization “systems” – content, channels and consumption (data).”

It is my opinion that content in organizations is being siloed, it is being created in a variety of departments without a central body monitoring it for consistency of voice and message, among other things. What happens is that the content’s voice, key messages, etc. becomes diluted and loses consistency, clarity and purpose. And more importantly, this creates a lot of confusion for would-be buyers. De-siloing content and ensuring it is housed in one central location within Marketing will help to bring about consistency to content voice and message.

“The best marketers will understand “Content Marketing” does not equal “Thought Leadership.””

I am still surprised that so many view content marketing as thought leadership. Content is all about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time and delivering the content that someone wants. It can be used to (1) inform, (2) educate or increase engagement, or (3) promote call to action and drive conversion. What that content looks like can be different to different people. So, content marketing is much more than thought leadership.

“Fragmented marketing IT point products and low adoption rate will inhibit companies’ ability to win customers.”

Marketing automation cannot be done in a bubble. Like content and social media, marketing automation must span the entire organization. Until that time, many potential customer wins could be left on the table.

A great list with incredible insights.

Read the original post on CMSwire.com.

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