What is Your Niche Marketing Strategy?

5 Steps To A Great Niche Marketing Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Recently I was honored to be the guest on one of Content Marketing Institute’s #CMWorld chats, a weekly twitter chat (Tuesdays 12pm EST) that discusses content marketing. That day, we discussed Niche Content Marketing. Check out the full transcript of that chat.

Are you a mass marketer or a niche marketer? Would you be surprised to know that Apple started focusing on two niches – education and graphics/design? And, that most, if not all, content that is created is niche content?

Let’s look at the definition of niche marketing. Niche Marketing is the act of focusing all of your marketing efforts on a small but specific and well-defined segment of the market, not a smaller share of a larger market. This latter piece is what trips some people up. In fact, there are still people who believe that the small and mid-sized business market is a niche. That is not the case. A niche market is focused on a very specific and focused segment of a population. One of my favorite examples of a niche company is lululemon athletica. The company markets exercise apparel and equipment mainly to women, even though they do offer a men’s line. And, since The Masters Golf Tournament starts on April 10, let’s talk about another niche company, The Golf Channel, a network which caters to golf enthusiasts and fans.

What can niche marketers due to be successful? For starters, they can follow a marketing strategy that is very specific and focused. Here are 5 tips for a sound niche strategy:

1. Determine the market need.

2. Define the specific target market and conduct research.

3. Understand your competition.

4. Differentiate yourself via running a SWOT analysis.

5. Launch, Test and Adjust.

This infographic discusses how you can be a successful niche marketer. And, don’t forget, there are benefits of niche marketing, too.

What’s your take on Niche Marketing? Let us know your views in the comments.

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