Should You Apologize for Product Miscues?

Today, I read with interest Apple’s public apology about their miscues with their maps program.

This was very much out of character for Apple.

If you recall, in 2010, the antenna in the iPhone 4 had some issues. That whole situation is now referred to as “antenna-gate”. Steve Jobs didn’t apologize for it. However, how it went down, Apple did cave to public pressure and issued a statement. Interestingly, the statement came from Apple, and not Steve Jobs.

Apologies about perceived product misgivings can be a slippery slope.

The keys to effective communication come into play here. You explain the issue, you provide solutions, you take time to communicate your corporate value propositions and key messages and you move on. Timing is key, though. Don’t let things fester. People don’t care about apologies, they want to know what you are doing to help them and do it. Actions – improving products for those they were meant for – speak louder than words.

What say you?

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