m4comm_win/loss analysis

How To Conduct Win-Loss Analysis To Achieve Strategic Growth (Part I)

I have been involved with Win-Loss Analysis from the product and sales sides since the mid–1990’s and have written about the subject since 2009. To this day, I do not understand why more companies aren’t conducting win-loss interviews, analyzing results and implementing lessons learned. When I speak with companies, many think they know the answers [...]
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How To Get Great Testimonials

Seven Ways to Get Great Customer Testimonials

I recently asked a marketing director about customer testimonials on his company website. He openly said, "The testimonials aren't real, I made them up. Everybody else does it, so why can't we?" My second thought, after "Two wrongs don't make a right," was "Aren't you in the business of building trust? What does that say [...]
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Real Artists Ship

I have been thinking about this koan Steve Jobs used when developing the first Mac - "Real Artists Ship". I couldn't agree more. As product people, we must produce. That means, plan, develop, launch and manage. Keeping to schedules is key. Like Gordon Gecko's famous line in Wall Street, "greed is good", "shipping is good". [...]
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