Welcome to the New Home of M4 Communications

Welcome to the new home of M4 Communications and our blog.

The blog will include discussions about Marketing, Branding, PR, Product Marketing, Technology, Communications and Entertainment and how we use all of them to navigate through our world.

We hope you will take this journey with us and we can learn from each other.

We believe in a “you make it happen by making your own rules” type of world. Two things M4 believes strongly in is creativity and entrepreneurism. We are entering a renaissance of the Entrepreneur, just by observing how our economy and business landscape are currently shaping up. We are operating on a “project-basis” and we need to be in that mindset, and that might require some of us to adjust our skills to adapt to that change.

We have been fortunate and grateful to have worked in the high-tech, entertainment and the nonprofit worlds for a long period of time. In fact, combined, the M4 team has over 60 years of experience – in both the corporate and consulting worlds. Gratitude, creativity, enterpreneurism, focus and simplicity drive and ground us. Technology has always been a driving factor for us. But technology is a double-edged sword – it’s exciting to introduce innovative products but you can’t leave those people that you creating those ideas for behind, whether they are internal (your employees) or external (the public) customers. That’s why we spend a great deal of focus on the customer experience.

So we end our first blog post with the words of Steve Jobs: “why join the Navy if you can be a pirate?”

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