M4 Communications President Sue Duris Quoted in B2B Lead Blog

President Sue Duris was quoted in B2B Lead Blog in November 2012.

Even though that was two years ago, the subject matter is as vital today as it was in 2012.

The message is in order to attract people to your website, blog, community or other location, you must be relevant and add value. Consider the points of the post:

  1. Have a strategy and always be willing to tweak it to add value for your audience.
  2. Be clear about your purpose and communicate it clearly and concisely to your audience.
  3. Create a content calendar and publish fresh content regularly.
  4. Set guidelines and ground rules to make your group a great experience for all.
  5. Continue to build your community and provide community members with reasons why they should be there.
  6. Ensure your group is engaged. Keep the conversation lively. Ensure you are posting the content your audience finds relevant and thought-provoking, ask questions, encourage your audience to create content, etc.
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