Blogging Tips. Think Different. Please.

I like to read.

I’m like a sponge – I enjoy learning something new every day.

I like to write, I’m a published writer and have written many blog posts for my own and other blogs.

But, I have become a bit discouraged by many blogs I have read lately. I think some bloggers have become lazy recently and have become derailed in a sense. Maybe they have lost their way. A downturn in the economy makes some people do questionable things. Perhaps it is complacency. That’s not good. Remember what happened to Sears? They became complacent and a little-known company from Arkansas – Walmart – unseeded the #1 retailer at the time. Has Sears been able to recover? Are they still relevant? I don’t want you to lose your relevance, Joe/Josie Blogger. So, I am taking the Jerry Maguire stance of “help me help you” and I am providing you with a 5-step refresher on blogging your content.


5 Steps for Bloggers to be Effective with their Content


1. Be original. I have read too many posts lately where the blogger linked to what someone else wrote. If you are posting something you find interesting, and want to share it with me, do so, but give me your take on it. I am following you because of what YOU have to say. Continue to be relevant.

2. Be engaging. Provide me with info I can use, that gives me specifics, that makes me think, that helps me, that makes me want to socially share the info with my colleagues. Encourage me to comment. Show me the value!

3. Make it easy for me and use the KISS approach. If you are going to write about 5 ways to do something, show me the 5 ways. Make it as simple as possible for me. Don’t make me hunt for the details. Break up the info into bite-sized chunks, use bold where necessary, use numbers, hyphens and bullet points where necessary, too.

4. Make it easy for me to follow you. I should be able to get your updates by subscribing to your blog via email or subscribing to your RSS feed. Also, can I follow your Twitter feed? And make sure when I click on any of those options, they are in working condition. Again, don’t make me hunt for those details.

5. Please use proper writing and grammar in your posts. Your posts should have a beginning, middle and end. Also, PLEASE use proper grammar. These two very simple techniques will keep us on – not off – your subscriber list.

I am looking forward to reading some great blog posts. There are some amazing blogs on the Internet.

Happy writing.

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