How To Be Effective on Kickstarter

How Can You Be Effective On Kickstarter?

Ouya, a gaming console that runs on Android, scored a major win with their Kickstarter campaign.

So how can you be effective on Kickstarter and achieve success?

1. To copy Stephen Covey, “begin with the end in mind” or in this case, begin with the audience, or the potential customer, in mind. Who is your audience? Be specific. With Kickstarter, the more niche your audience is and you target that niche effectively, the more successful you will be on Kickstarter.

2. Create content that is emotionally-driven and that speaks to your audience’s pain points and desires. What do you want to communicate? Brevity and conciseness are key here as you need to communicate who you are, what you do and why your audience should care in seconds.

3. Use visual aids to communicate your message. How do you want to communicate? Have your demo right in your campaign. Have videos of your team talking about your product. Give your audience something to whet their appetite.

4. Highlight “thumbs up-ness” of your product. Who are your fans and what are they saying about you?

5. What’s your Call To Action? What do you want your audience to do? Give them options of donating AND make sure they are receiving something of value in return. A strong CTA that represents real perceived value in the eyes of your audience is your ace in the hole.

And, don’t forget to thank them for donating and ask them if they want to be kept in the loop on further developments of your campaign and product, etc. Maybe they might want to be a future beta tester or influencer for you. Sometimes all it takes is to ask. These are excellent ways to start to build your fan base. Have fun with it!

So, are you the next $1 million + success story on Kickstarter?

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