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Direction Plus Planning Leads To Great Customer Experiences

I consider myself a student of life. I always want to be in learning-mode so that I can improve and can continuously add value to those I help: clients, potential clients, and colleagues, to name a few. As Carol Dweck notes, in her amazing book, Mindset, that’s the growth mindset—changing, growing, and stretching oneself through [...]
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Simplicity is not simple. That statement comes off as being trite. But, it's true. One definition states simplicity is "clarity of expression". Apple Head of Design, Jonathan Ive, speaks of simplicity as not lack of clutter but rather bringing order and clarity to something. Looking deeper, simplicity for Buddhists focuses on only the essentials and [...]
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Sustainable Branding Done Here

I read this amazing article about Sustainable Brands today. Whether you are a for-profit or nonprofit entity, you must build, nurture and extend your brand. Still answering these 3 questions in 30 seconds matters today more than ever - Who are you? What do you do? Why should I care? Most emphasis should be placed [...]
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Brand Extension – The Only Two Questions You Need to Ask

Let's face it. You are a brand. What you communicate is your brand essence (your values, what you are all about). You can spin it to something else, but it always comes back to your brand essence. Brand is not about product. Its about values. Your values come across through your products. [youtube=] Apple lives [...]
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