Online Submission Forms

No More Online Submission Forms

If Joan Crawford was alive today, her “no more wire hangers!” might be transformed to “no more online submission forms!”

Online submission forms serve their purpose…sometimes. The goal typically is to generate leads. However, a company should strongly consider the implications of having that form. Is it overkill? Is it not enough? This is something that is definitely worth testing.

Will the individual sign up just to get the content? Are they considering many options and you are part of the mix? Do they want your solution?

Since thought leadership is the key phrase these days, we leave you with these thoughts:

1. Do you require an online submission form for all your content? For educational content? Only for white papers that discuss your solution? Is it only to contact you? What percentage of your content requires an online submission form?

2. What percentage of your information is bogus? Eloqua says that at least 14% of online submission forms contain some fake info. That could include such info as phone number, title or name.

3. Do you allow direct downloads or do you email the download? While the latter will ensure the email is not fake, do you want your prospects to take another step to get the content? Do you provide both options? Do you use tools to ensure info is legit?

4. Do you have some type of automation tools in place such as letting a visitor download 3 items and then on the next one, they have to register? Or if someone has already visited your website, provided their details to download the content, when they return to download additional content, are their details already populated so they don’t have to re-submit?

Going back to the goal of lead gen, wouldn’t you rather spend a little more time working on your online submission form strategy so you have more hot leads and less cold and warm leads? Remember, it’s all about the experience of a prospect. So, do you want a potential customer or a visitor who ultimately abandons your website? Put yourself in their shoes. The choice is yours.

What say you?


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