The Importance of the Periodic Table of Content Marketing

In addition to my role at M4 Communications, I am also a math and science tutor. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of chemistry tutoring and one periodic table, Mendeleev’s, is usually all I can handle. Dmitri Mendeleev, a russian chemist, found that if he put elements in their correct places in the table, which he originally named Periodic System, that certain types of elements regularly occur.

The same can be said of Econsultancy’s Periodic Table of Content Marketing, which I find to be very cool.

This Periodic Table of Content Marketing infographic gives you everything you need to become skilled in content marketing. I also like the instruction on how to use the guide with each section broken down. As content marketers, we need to keep on top of mind that great content marketing begins with strategy and ends with us circling back to ensure our original goals have been met.

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing, by Chris Lake.

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

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