What is a Corporate Fact Sheet?

A corporate fact sheet should be a part of your media kit. A corporate fact sheet is a one-page snapshot of your business.

While your logo should go on top of the page, the following sections should also be included in your corporate fact sheet:

1. Overview. Tell us who you are, what you do and why we should care in one paragraph (no more than 5 sentences.)

2. Leadership. List CEO and key management personnel.

3. Key Products. List key products and services.

4. Key Market Segments. What key verticals or market segments do you service?

5. Founded. When were you founded? Month and year or year founded is fine.

6. Headquarters. Where are you located?

7. Funding. If you are a start-up, list funding amount, investor and funding round. As an example: $10M, Kleiner Perkins, Series A Funding.

8. Benefits. What are your benefits (read: key differentiators)? Try to keep your list to 7 items.

9. Contact. List website, phone, address, media contact, and media contact’s email address and phone number.


We’re always on the lookout for stellar corporate fact sheets to use as examples of great ones. Share yours in the comments!

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